New Terberg Shunter for TPN


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TPN have introduced a dedicated shunter to speed up operations at the Dublin Hub. The new Terberg shunter has been working on the site for the past month to great effect.

The Terberg YT182 is designed for moving trailers in distribution centres, transport depots, container terminals and airports. Its clever design allows users to move trailers around the site by simply driving under trailer, and connecting the lines. There is no need to wind up the supporting legs of the trailer.

TPN’s investment in new efficient equipment is shaving valuable time off our daily operation, allowing us to focus more on the accuracy and efficiency of our Hub operation. We’re also a fan of its comfortable driver’s cab, which offers excellent visibility, and has an inboard door for safety and convenience.

The Terberg can pull up to 115 tonnes (including itself), and can lift up to 36 tonnes. Keep an eye out for it in operation at the TPN Dublin Hub.

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