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AM Nexday


Alex Maguire & Damien Maguire
101 – Larne, Co Antrim

As principals of AM Transport, brothers Damien and Alex Maguire had a business relationship with Owen Cooke before the Pallet Network was created. AM Transport
established in 1988 and worked in the telecoms industry for Nortel, one of the bigger employers in Northern Ireland at the time. At one stage AM had more than thirty vehicles with teams of three or four people, including engineers, travelling through Ireland and Britain delivering and installing new internet and telephone systems. As the telecoms industry declined, they diversified and some years later bought Nexday, an overnight service company in Northern Ireland, from Owen Cooke.

AM Nexday truck passing the Chaine Mernorial in Larne.

AM Nexday, as they were now called, became a founding member of The Pallet Network. ‘When we agreed to join the Network, we already had a working relationship with Owen and we had the measure of each other, said Alex Maguire. AM Nexday has a major retail client list including B&Q, WH Smith, Carphone Warehouse, Asda and Superdrug. They also do House of Fraser‘s wedding list deliveries in Ireland and use the Pallet Network for the service. This business requires contacting the consignees to ensure that they are at home to accept delivery and often timed, evening and Saturday deliveries.

In a 2012 newsletter, Damian commented: ‘We’re all suffering in this economy but being a member of TPN brings benefits because it offers members a low-cost, highly efficient business model and attracts customers who know their pallets can be delivered the next day throughout Ireland and beyond.’

Damien and Alex Maguire. AM Nexday is also the TPN UK member for Northern Ireland.
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