The Shipping Process

Domestic Shipments

  1. The Pallet Network Members collect customer’s pallets and take them back to their depot.
  2. Details are logged into the central IT system by the local member and delivery documentation and pallet labels are printed.
  3. The freight is trunked to the central hub on doubledeck trailers.
  4. At the hub pallets are checked, scanned and placed in the delivery depot bays.
  5. The scanning and reloading process begins at 1am and trailers arrive back to their regional depot at 5am.
  6. Pallets are offloaded, checked and scanned in the local depot and are loaded on delivery vehicles for morning delivery.
  7. Proof of delivery information is keyed in at source and the POD image is scanned for electronic transfer to the central system.
  8. The scanned image is available to clients electronically via the web.

UK shipments

  1. Pallets to the UK are loaded in the Dublin hub at 3am and shipped to the hub in Rugby for forwarding to the UK Member depots for delivery.
  2. Imports from the UK are collected by the UK depots and shipped to Rugby where they are scanned and loaded onto doubledeck trailers to Ireland.
  3. The same IT system operates in Ireland and the UK to control pallet movements enabling tracking of the goods and providing imaged proof of deliveries.

The Pallet Network (Ireland)