TPN’s IT – Connect

Easy booking, easy management and easy visibility for all your pallets

TPN Connect is our bespoke IT suite which gives both our Partners and their customers all the control, visibility and management information they could want.

Key facts about Connect

Customers can:

  • book their own jobs
  • print their own labels
  • scan their own pallets
  • track their pallets all the way to delivery
  • Access our 24/7 web portal 

Partners benefit from:

  • a full transport management suite 
  • real-time information for planning
  • routing and mapping software
  • 24/7 cloud-based access from any internet-enabled device
  • super-fast claims handling
  • send notifications to customers
  • add notes and resolve queries
  • a Gold Standard ePOD support package

A complete commercial and operational management suite provided for free to our Partners and our customers. 

What’s more because Connect is developed in-house, we never stop improving and developing it to meet your needs. 

TPN Connect Services
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