European Road Freight:

We have established strategic alliances with European based freight forwarders offering premium services to and from all of mainland Europe.

TPN provides nationwide delivery services in Ireland to many leading European Road transport companies and we have direct access to their services across all of Europe.

The European trucks are loaded with exports and unloaded of their imports at the TPN hub in Blanchardstown. So our clients have direct access to these services and we are able to choose the best service / price offering to meet the clients’ needs.

All of Europe is well served by at least one of our client operators and in most cases more than one.


Our team has many years experience of freight forwarding and we provide our clients with a forwarding service to rival any international freight forwarders.

Not only can we handle your Irish, UK, or European deliveries, but we can provide you with the best in worldwide freight movement.

It is worth bearing in mind that the role of a freight forwarder is much like the role of a broker – they should be independent and find you the best deal in the market. Unfortunately most freight forwarders are tied to an under-writer and their offer to you can reflect their needs rather than what is best for you.

TPN uniquely offers a truly independent service and so will always try to get the best service/ price offering in the market for you.

Deep Sea Freight

Sea freight in particular Container shipping has been revolutionised in recent years with much improved transit times and tighter controls on arrivals and departures.

TPN provides deep sea container shipping services to all main geographical areas of the world with a specialist focus on Container shipping from Asia/China eg: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo. With full or less than full container services we offer complete global ocean solutions for everyone.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide service solutions to fit the client demand for speed of transit, ocean freight cost and vessel space.

We have developed strong, global partnerships with a number of providers and this enables us to offer an exemplary service in sea freight.

Our professional team is fully conversant with letters of Credit, Bills of Lading and Forwarding Protocol, ensuring that aside from the physical movement of your product, all important paperwork is dealt with in an expedient and effective manner.

TPN Network services are only available through our TPN members. For all your freight needs we recommend you talk to your local TPN member. You can find them here.

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