Storage – Pick & Pack

TPN offers large onsite storage capacity at very competitive prices. Our storage facility can handle up to 15,000 pallet spaces. In addition, we offer trailer stripping (de-vanning) and a full pick and pack service.

We provide a wide variety of order fulfilment services, re-labelling, quality control, re-packing, and tailor-made online sales fulfilment.

With our Hub Site location, orders can be input into the network delivery system at short notice and with very low delivery costs because there is no “inward” transport involved. This does carry a premium rate for storage but is excellent value for fast moving product.

Warehouse Management System

TPN has a world-class Warehouse Management System which allows management of stock across multiple customer accounts at batched, serialised and product level. The system also offers EDI integration, a web-based portal for customers to remotely access their account and stock movement details. The system can handle many thousands of SKUs for any customer.

Virtual Warehouse

Customers with storage facilities on our site can control their inventory levels and movements via the internet using our virtual warehouse system. This effectively enables customers manage their stock as if it was on their own premises.

TPN Network services are only available through our TPN members. For all your freight needs we recommend you talk to your local TPN member. You can find them here.

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