Most of our members have capacity to provide warehousing for clients at low cost in their regions and can facilitate late orders for picking and next day delivery nationwide.

At the central Hub we can provide “Hub Site Logistics “ – storage where orders can be input into the network delivery system at short notice and with a very low delivery cost because their is no “inward” transport involved. However, space is limited and this does carry a premium rate for storage but well worth it for fast moving product.

We also have very large storage capacity adjacent to the central hub at very competitive prices, offering most of the same advantages but while storage is a bit cheaper, delivery from this is a bit more expensive – it would suit slower moving stock.

• We provide a full pick and pack service adjacent to the central hub.
• We provide a wide variety of order fulfilment services, re-labelling, quality control and re-packing.
• We provide low level technical services for several client’s projects.

The Pallet Network (Ireland)